Game Name Change!

Game Name Change!

Hey everyone!

After much deliberation, and due to several reasons, we have changed our current game’s name from Putty Party to Putty Pals!

The main reason we have had a change of heart is due to the fact that the game’s theme has progressed from being about a ‘party’ to being solely about partnership and cooperation between two Putty Pals. We felt that we were misleading people by calling our game Putty Party, and that ultimately it did not reflect our game accurately any longer. A name change has not been an easy decision, nor has it been an easily executable change.

We founded our company only 6 months ago and have subsequently learnt a lot about production, marketing, business plans, and community management. It was not an easy decision to make but one that was necessary to promote the game correctly. This has been a learning experience for us as a company and knowledge that we can apply to future games.

We look forward to bringing you further updates about Putty Pals soon!


Creative Director

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